governor approval for a landed property

Getting Governor Approval for a land

Getting Governor Approval for a land

The Land Use Act prohibits alienation of statutory right of occupancy without the consent of the Governor. It makes it necessary for the holder of a statutory right of occupancy to seek and get the consent of the Governor of the State in which the land is actually situated before selling or alienation of interest in the land, or else the transaction shall be void.

Therefore, the purchaser should endeavor to ensure that the vendor signs the application letter for consent, since it’s the duty of a holder of the right of occupancy to seek consent of the Governor to alienate. A clause may also be included in the contract of sale mandating the vendor to ensure this is signed whenever it is required by the purchaser.

Below are actually the important documents required to attain a Governor’s Consent in Lagos State as well as by implication registering a property in Lagos:

  • A duly completed application made on Land Form 1C which should be dated and signed by the parties to the transaction and sworn to before a Magistrate or perhaps Notary Public.
  • A cover letter from the Solicitor/Applicant filing the application for Governor’s consent.
  • The charting fee, endorsement fee payable to the Lagos State Government.
  • 4 copies of the Deed of Assignment with survey plans connected in each message.
  • Photograph of the property.
  • A current tax clearance certificate of the parties involved in the property transaction.

The above documents are actually to be forwarded to the office of the Surveyor General for charting. If there are actually no defects in the survey of the property, a thoroughly clean report is actually delivered to the Lands Bureau along with a demand notice is actually given to the applicant for the following costs, which are proportions of the assessed value of the property.:

  • Consent fees of 1.5%
  • Capital Gains Tax of 0.5%
  • Stamp Duty of 0.5%
  • Registration fees of 0.5%

At present, the whole practice of getting approval and mastering a title in Lagos State takes at least 3 months to conclude provided all assessment and required fees are actually paid as quickly as one can and there are not any queries or maybe defects in the documents of the applicant. Nevertheless, the State Government has a set goal period of 30 days.

Listed below are actually the steps an applicant will have to follow for a land registration process in Lagos State:

  1. Application & accompanying papers are actually to be obtained at the Land Bureau from the Applicant.
  1. Application is uniquely referenced for identification function at the Lands Bureau.
  1. Investigation of the condition of the land through charting will be done with the office of the Surveyor General.
  1. Assessment of Property to determine appropriate fees by officials of the Lands Bureau.
  1. Issuance of Demand Notices at the Accounts Office at the Lands Bureau.
  1. Applicant pays and forwards treasury receipts of payment of charges to the Accounts Department.
  1. Approval & endorsement of documents by the Commissioner or Governor.
  1. Stamping of files at the Lands Bureau.
  1. Registration of files at the Lands Registry.

Collection of all registered documents by the applicant at the Lands Bureau

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