How To Invest In Property

Real Estate Investment In Land Banking

Real Estate Investment In Land Banking

Of all the wealthy individuals in the world,I do not know of anyone whose wealth strategy was base in saving in the bank.base on my research I realized that  the wealthiest individuals in the world,it shows that  property investment is the preferred wealth building option.saving money in the bank is a good strategy to building wealth.though it is very good to save

it is not a good wealth building strategy in real estate.the gain of real estate investment far out weigh that of saving in the bank for the following reasons:

Expenses always arise to deplete your saving but your property is always there appreciating in value.                              When you save your money in the bank or do a fixed deposit,your return on investment are usually single digit per annum.conversely , based on the rate of development in the area you purchase your landed property or building.the return on investment is often huge compare to what you get on fixed deposit in bank

In the ideal sense, i also advice those seeking for fixed deposit in bank to do land banking..This means buying land in good and promising areas that will attract huge ROI in the nearest years.

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