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What are the five best countries for second citizenship? This is  question that involves asking by most African and investors craving to get second citizen by investment. In getting this, there are procedures for applying and the benefits of the countries involved. There are several countries that offer  this for any prospective investors from any part of the world.

Citizenship by investment programs offer legal citizenship status to investors, by allowing them to obtain second citizenship and a passport in exchange for their investment the country’s economy. Depending on the country, investment values can vary from $50,000 to $1m depending on country and financial strength of investor.


There are countries that will allow you to get second citizen by buying real estate while others will ask you to invest into their economy…real estate investment is one of the cheapest means of getting citizen.

Unlike, United Kingdom that will ask to give a proposal of investment and ask you to defend it..If your proposal is accepted, you will be ask to start your investment  that will create jobs for British citizen


Also, there are countries like Malta,Portugal,. these two countries in Europe need your investment to the tune of 350,000 euros while that of Malta is lesser than that..some will have you register a come and there you get all you need.Buying house property or owning home in their country is the cheapest.when looking for this,. you can look for house in suburb of the country…one at cheapest rate..thereafter, you can work on your home automation and gate automation.


However, there are some countries we have in touch with , that are ready to give you offer lesser than this ..it comes in investment and real estate investment.

In my next article, I will give you full details of countries with their requirements

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